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My publishers and books

These days with digital publishing and all an author can have a number of publishers. I thought I’d explain where I’m at.

Dani Kristoff is the name I use for writing paranormal romances with varying degree of heat. These books a steamy to very hot paranormal romance.

I write SF romance, dark fantasy and epic fantasy under Donna Maree Hanson. Here is a link to Donna’s books.

I have the rights back to all my books so I am no longer with Escape Publishing or Harper Collins for these books.


The series starts off with Spiritbound.

Hot sexy paranormal romance

Grace didn’t know she was a necromancer until she accidentally brought the pet cat back to life when still a child. She’s lived her life ostracised by the coven who fear her dark power. Things get interesting when Declan, a powerful warlock, returns home from studying abroad. Then the single witches start sharpening their spells to compete for his eye. There’s been a man drought in the Sydney coven for years and Grace doesn’t stand a chance against the competition or does she?

bewitched copy

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These books are available in print.


Hot, sexy paranormal romance
Book 2 in the Spellbound Series

Love struck!

Elena Denholm, mild-mannered half witch, meets top Sydney lawyer, Jake Royston, to
negotiate a property deal for her cousin, Grace. Already attracted, things hot up when Jake is
hit by a love spell that leaves him totally in Elena’s power and unable to make sensible

Out of her depth, Elena takes him home until the hex can be lifted. However, it’s hands off as
she doesn’t want to get into trouble with the Sydney coven for taking advantage of a human.

All that man and so much sex appeal are hard to resist.

bespellled new cover

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A large print version is available in hard back from here. Or better still get your library to order it in.


Book three is Invoked, technically it is set in Lake Macquaire.

The Lake Macquarie coven has dark times ahead, but its origins go way back to a dark witch.

Thirty years ago, Earl Pressonville made a mistake. He fell victim to the dark witch and it cost him his life. Well, most of his life. Some part of him survived, existing as a shadow in a purgatory he cannot escape.

One day, a young witch, Nea Royston, touches him with her reader sense and her lightness draws him from the darkness. Conjuring a semblance of himself, Earl woos the young witch, but Nea is looking for life, for love, for a future, and all Earl can ever offer is a fantasy.

But blood magic leaves a taint and draws those with evil intent to Lake Macquarie. The coven is not ready and the evil one has Nea in his sights. Earl must do all he can to protect the one he loves, the one who has brought light and love into his existence. Yet, how can he save her when he has no life to give?


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Independently published books

The Sorcerer’s Spell

Hot paranormal romance. Previously published by HarperCollinsPublishers via their Impulse imprint. The rights have returned to me and I have published this book in ebook and print. This series is set in Canberra, Australia. I am currently working on the sequel, The Changeling Curse.

Hot and sexy paranormal romance!

Widow Annwyn goes to bed dreaming about making love with her dearly departed husband and she wakes up in another woman’s body. The other woman is Nira, an evil sorceress who is having sex with Dane, a sorcerer she has cursed. Affected by a spell, Annwyn has to fight her own attraction to the powerful sorcerer Dane and to get her body back, she has to help him remove the curse that will see him permanently changed into a mindless wolf.

The Sorcerer's Spell subtitle.jpg

Cover by Cathy Walker Cathy’s website

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Print version from Bookdepository here.

The Changeling Curse 

Changeling Curse.2psd

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Print books are available on Amazon, Book Depository etc

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