Fribble Frabble

Apparently ‘fribble frabble’ has something to do with being drunk. I’m not presently intoxicated. Actually blogging while intoxicated can lead to embarrassing things. I did that once and a politician I mentioned commented on my blog. At the time I was a public servant and nearly cacked myself -being apolitical and all that.  I’m no […]

What I’m working on right now

I’ve always wanted to write a Regency Romance. As a spec fic writer I always wanted to combine a Regency with fantasy, but then Susanah Clarke got there before me. This year, it’s time to write the dream project, the one that I have been carrying around with me for over ten years. Warning there’s […]

What has Dani been up to?

I thought it was about time that I got back to you about what Dani Kristoff is up to. I’ve been advised that Spiritbound, the next in my Bespelled series, is out with Escape in April 2015. I’m very excited that I’ll be getting the edits for this in December. Spiritbound was such a fun […]

Round up-April

Things have been pretty hectic on the personal front, particularly over Easter where my mother almost died and our cat died. We are devastated by the loss of our little cat. He was ginger, so friendly and pretty. My mother has picked up and has developed a different personality after a stroke. My mother has […]

Too much time to write and not enough to time to write

At present I’m on leave. I took extra leave to write. I don’t seem to be able to write at all. It’s a bit of a struggle. Yesterday, I had just sat down and was in the writing zone, but then I had to go to an information session in the city. When I got […]

Bespelled-the reviews are coming

It’s all getting closer with Bespelled, release day 1 February 2014.  The ARC has been made available on Netgalley and there are some early reviews. A positive one and a negative one. Reading is subjective and we don’t all like the same thing, but I hope most readers will enjoy the book. Please drop me […]

NaNoWriMo update and happenings

I can happily say I completed 50,000 words in the NaNoWriMo and just in time. I moved house and it was a long drawn out affair. Now, I have a houseful of boxes and chaos as I haven’t moved in properly yet. I’m moving in with my partner of four and half years and it’s […]

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