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What has Dani been up to?

I thought it was about time that I got back to you about what Dani Kristoff is up to.

I’ve been advised that Spiritbound, the next in my Bespelled series, is out with Escape in April 2015. I’m very excited that I’ll be getting the edits for this in December. Spiritbound was such a fun project for me. It’s a story of Grace and Declan. If you have read Bespelled you met Grace as part of Elena and Jake’s story. One of my lovely beta readers, Cora, said that Grace farted rainbows and sunshine. I tried to minimise the sunshine and rainbows, but Grace is such a good-hearted character that I didn’t have much success. For me Grace had a very positive attitude to life even though she had suffered. She knew the true worth of those who were closest to her, such as her mother Elvira and her cousin/adopted sister Elena.
I’m not going to say too much more except to say that if you liked Fel, the undead cat, then this is her origin story.
Another thing to point out is that this is a prequel to Bespelled. That is, it’s what came before Jake and Elena. I’m sorry about the stories being back to front but Jake and Elena’s story came to me first and it took me a while to discover how Grace and Declan got together. Another interesting thing in Spiritbound is that it explores the back story to the witches and Declan’s role as the Battle mage.

So keep your eye out the Spiritbound!

Also in the Bespelled world I’ve been working on a sequel, featuring Bethanea, Jake’s cousin who lives with Gregor in Lake Macquarie, north of Sydney. Bethanea is known as Nea, and is named for a friend who died of lung cancer this year. Bethanea and Earl’s story is a little bit different, to my mind. I won’t spoil it for you but it’s a bit darker, explores the magical world a little bit more and was difficult to write. We’ll see how it goes through their submissions process but I’ll keep you posted when I hear of progress.

I have in mind another story in the Bespelled series, no title is yet. But the hero is going to be Lyle Wentz, who guest appears in Spiritbound and in Invoked. However, I have to see how well books sell before I commit to writing his story. Unless of course I get an overpowering urge to find out more about Lyle, which is always possible.

The other series that I am writing, starting with The Sorcerer’s Spell, is set in a different world, actually it set in Canberra so maybe I’m not metaphorically speaking about Canberra being another world. What I mean is that this story is a little bit darker than the Bespelled series and it features sorcerers rather than witches. This story is interesting in that it is a little bit sexy, maybe a little bit hot. It’s got kink basically. Don’t let the erotica branding scare you off! Scratches head. Maybe it should. I don’t know.

Anyway I’m currently working on a sequel, currently titled The Changeling’s Curse. It features Rolf, the werewolf, but also advances the storyline of the Collegium and Dane’s fight to uncover who is behind all the attacks. Someone is changing ordinary people into werewolves. This is where my heroine comes in. That’s about as far as I’ve gotten so far with this story. So I’m set for a little adventure to discover a bit more about Rolf and a bit more about Abbie, the feisty red head.
That’s about it from me for the moment.

Note this story was dictated. I have edited it but if there is something strange in the text well I blame the software, not my eyesight.
I’ve been very busy working on a report at work and the RSI is threatening to come back. This has killed my attempt at NanoWriMo. I’m sad about that but keep writing those who are participating.

Here is a random photo from the UK trip. Avebury Manor. This was a fab place to visit because you can sit on the chairs, lie on the beds and touch and question every thing. Penelope Keith hosted the renovation of this on BBC, called To the Manor Reborn and wow they did a fab job. If you see that documentary, you’ll want to see the manor house.

Avebury Manor

Avebury Manor


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