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Publication announcement

On Tuesday on Twitter and Facebook, I announced that The Sorcerer’s Spell, a paranormal romance, is to be published by Harper Impulse in 2014.

The Sorcerer’s Spell is set in Canberra and surrounds and is quite hot (has high heat levels?) and a bit dark. It’s around 80,000 words.

The lovely Alex Adsett negotiated the deal for me. Many thanks to Rochelle Fernandez for picking it up.

There is a little story behind this novel. I started writing this a few years ago. I remember conceiving the idea in a Valerie Parv romance writing workshop. Eventually, I started writing it. But, it was in the days before 50 Shades  and the rise in more erotica in our fiction and I thought it was too hot and stopped writing it. I remember corresponding with Stephanie Smith, who was the then publisher at Voyager. I mentioned this paranormal romance I was working on  had too much sex and she wrote back and said didn’t think that was possible.

Months (years?) went by and I did that thing, where you revise what you’ve written but don’t add anything. Then one day, Nicole Murphy said to me ‘Why don’t you come to the Romance Writers of Australia Conference. And I did. It was in August 2012. Matthew encouraged me to finish The Sorcerer’s Spell before I went so I had something to submit if asked, but I didn’t get it done in time, but I did get going on it. I was inspired after the convention so I kept writing it and then I sent  it out to beta readers. One of my beta readers was Stephanie Smith, who has since retired from Voyager. Anyway, she asked  me if she could send it onto Harper Collins. Now there  was a change in editors and stuff, but Stephanie persevered. It took a while before it was read.

While I was waiting for beta reader feedback, I did the first draft of Bespelled, which ended up being my debut paranormal romance, published by Escape. As I hadn’t heard anything from Harper Collins, I had slated The Sorcerer’s Spell for revision in 2014 and for possible shopping around with my agent, Alex. But what do you know. Out of the blue I get an email from Rochelle saying she’d like to take the novel to acquisitions. I was overjoyed at this. I was offered a deal with Harper Impulse, a digital imprint.

The world of Bespelled is full of witches and warlocks and is set in Sydney mostly. Bespelled is a light paranormal romance. The Sorcerer’s Spell features…you guessed it sorcerers and as mentioned previously it is a bit on the hot side and is darker in tone that the Bespelled setting. I’ll give you more teasers later. And maybe soon I’ll have a cover too.


About donnamareehanson

Author of science fiction, fantasy and horror and paranormal romance. I am currently undertaking a PhD in romance fiction.

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