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The Changeling Curse is out

After years of struggle, it’s out. I’ve uploaded the ebook to retailers and it should filter into the net shortly.

Print book is still a few weeks away but I hope to have it available at Gammacon in Canberra 22nd July through to 24 July. Come grab a copy!


Rolf Bauer, alpha of the Canberra werewolf pack, thought his life was getting back to normal after the defeat of the evil sorceress Nira.  But a new curse has appeared, transforming random humans into werewolves in a brutal forced change that none of its victims has survived… until now.

Up-and-coming journalist Abbie McGregor is the only human to survive the Changeling Curse, and her world turns upside-down as Rolf nurtures her through the change and into her new existence as a werewolf.  As part of his pack, Abbie must not only master her inner wolf and control her surging sexual desires, but submit to the leadership of her alpha.  And that is something she swears she will not do, despite the attraction flaring between them.

As they hunt the sorcerer behind the new curse Abbie pushes Rolf to the edge, challenging him to explore his hunger for power and for love.  And Rolf must guide and protect the headstrong Abbie, the only one who knows their enemy’s scent and can track him down… unless he kills them both first!

PS it’s a bit hot this one.

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Back at it and working hard

I’ve had a long hiatus. Pandemic zapped my creativity. The PhD too. But I’m back at it and working hard. I’m currently working on The Changeling Curse. It’s pretty hot (I do say). It’s a sequel to The Sorcerer’s Spell and features Rolf, the werewolf. This story is set in Canberra and surrounds, with a trip to Sydney.

It has been nearly there for years, but this time I am going to get it over the hurdle. I’ve put the first chapter (Part of of it) unedited below. Let me know what you think.

I also need to thank fellow writer Lily, for making editorial comments in the manuscript. It had really helped to focus me. I’m so excited to be writing again and focussing on this story. It will be out by June I hope.

Chapter One 
Abbie McGregor pretended her nose didn’t itch as she read from the autocue. “And that is the news round up for today. This is Abbie McGregor for the Canberra News Network. Thank you and good night.”
She smiled into the camera until the light flashed, signalling the end of the broadcast. Wrinkling her nose, she rubbed behind her knee, attacking another annoying itch where her pantyhose rubbed against the chair. “Thanks, Abbie. Same time Monday.” The producer’s voice sounded in her earpiece. She scooped the device out and placed it in its protective casing. 
She exited the studio and walked up the corridor. Dave, the producer, put his head out the recording studio door and gave her a nod of approval. “Nice work on that defective construction piece. A Walkly for you.”
Abbie laughed and waved goodbye.  It had been a good piece and the research into the substandard building practices for the swathe of new apartment buildings had been rewarding. Night after night reading through plans and chasing reports had left her exhausted. A Walkly Award was not likely to be a result, but it was something she hoped for in the future. What journalist didn’t? Being a journalist and news reader in Canberra, a small city, was the next step on the ladder of her career. Better than nothing! Canberra local news was not the national politics and the big headlines one would expect from being the political capital.  It was the “Today a kangaroo caused havoc on State Circle as it bounded down the road into traffic” type of thing. 
Abbie checked her watch and sped up. She needed her make-up of and herself out of the studio in time to catch a movie with her best buddies, Ruby and Bella, who were visiting from Sydney for the weekend.  Pushing the door open to the dressing rooms, she hive-fived Jenny the make-up artist. “I didn’t melt.”
“That’s good news,” Jenny said and peered closer. “No sweat. Excellent. Damn hot in here today.”
Jenny helped her out of her trendy blazer and blouse and hung them up for cleaning on the rack with the other clothes used to dress the ‘talent’. Being from Wagga Wagga, a smaller, inland city, which was hotter and drier than Canberra, Abbie could cope with the heat the capital dished out in the summer months. That was the only advantage being from a country town.
In the make-up chair, Jenny helped her get most of the gunk off her face. “You got plans tonight, Abbie?” Jenny asked as she gently drew the wipe over Abbie’s eyelids to remove the eyeliner and mascara.
“Just meeting the girls. They’re down from Sydney.”
“Sounds like fun,” Jenny said as she quickly removed the last of the face paint. “I bet you’re going out on the town. Maybe you’ll meet Mr Right.”
Abbie scoffed. “Mr Right?” She looked at her reflection in the mirror. Was there such a thing? She certainly understood attraction and passion but the destiny side of things? She wasn’t too sure. “Maybe.”
“You want me to do your eyes? This copper shade will go well with your amber-coloured eyes.”
“Sure thanks. You doing anything?” she asked in return as Jenny turned to load a brush with colour.
“Nah, late shift. I’ve gotta hang around.” She applied the eyeshadow and pencil, then some mascara. Not heavy, just enough for a night out.
“That stinks. I hope time goes quickly for you.”
“All done. I’ll let you apply the rest. Your eyes look great.”
“Thanks,” Abbie said and then she sat forward to peer in the mirror to apply some pale pink lipstick.
After checking her face, Abbie climbed out of the chair, grabbed her handbag and jacket. “See you tomorrow, Jen 
“Sure.” Jen waved, then set about wiping the chair down for her next client. Jen had a book to read to help pass the time so Abbie gave up worrying about her.
As Abbie made her way out, she bumped into Fleur Bellenose in the corridor. “Great work on the autocue, Fleur.”
Fleur leaned in close, “I think you fumbled a line.”
Abbie laughed. It was a running joke between them. “Not me. Must have been you.”
“Never! I’ll be sacked.” Fleur smiled and elbow bumped her gently. “You were great. I’m going to get your job one day.” She was keen and smart and was currently researching a story that would get her noticed.
“You definitely will. I just hope I’ve got a better one lined up before you do.”
“But I’ll never have that red hair and freckles,” she pretend pouted.
“You could try. I have my Scottish father to thank for mine.”
“Have a good one. See you Monday?”
“Sure will. Bye.”
Standing out in the car park, the wind whipped up Abbie’s hair so she grabbed it and slid a band around it placing it in a ponytail. It was time to meet the girls. She wasn’t far from Civic, the city centre, where she was meeting her friends. In the trunk of her car, she found a short jacket and a decorative head band. She put these on, hoping it made her different enough from her on screen image. She’d been on air for six weeks now and as yet had only been recognised a couple of times by members of the public. She was happy being Canberra famous, but tonight she wanted to hang with Ruby and Bella, both of whom had driven down for the weekend just to be with her.
“So, Abbie, what keeps you in this place?” Ruby asked, hugging her mugaccino as if her life depended on it. Ruby had lovely, tanned skin, which she owned to her Maori grandfather. Her hazel-coloured eyes roamed about the restaurant and the streets outside. It was reasonably busy for Canberra on a Friday night. The clubs were rocking, the cafes packed and the good restaurants full to bursting.
“Yes, what?” Bella near screeched. “I mean it’s cold—” Bella was part Malaysian Chinese, with cream coloured skin, dark eyes and hair and a wide smile. She was a smart woman, currently working in academia.
“—hot,” interjected Ruby, fanning herself.
Winters were cold and summers were hot, that was true. “The temperature difference between night and day is often more than ten degrees Celsius due to Canberra being high up and inland,” Abbie commented. “It’s pretty though.”
“Pretty confusing,” Ruby quipped.
Bella gave her a sideways glare and took a swig on her gin and tonic. “It’s small,” she continued and then raking her gaze around the room meaningfully, before adding. “And where are all the hotties?” 
Sitting across from Bella and seeing her serious pout nearly made Abbie burst out laughing. “I’m not here to get a man, Bella. I’m here to get a career. Have to start somewhere, don’t I?”
“I suppose.” Bella took another sip and managed to look unconvinced.
“It’s just that we miss you.” Ruby said, reaching over to pat Abbie’s hand.
Abbie smiled and nodded. “I know. I miss you, too. One day I’ll be back in Sydney. But right now, I’m working hard. I don’t notice the absence of…” She waved her hand out to the street. “Decent single men.”
Both Ruby and Bella gasped. “But how do you get by?” Ruby asked. 
Bella elbowed Ruby. “Perhaps she has supply of vibrators handy.”
Ruby covered her mouth with a menu, barely disguising her snort of laughter. “Yes, I hear there are sex shops galore in Canberra.”
“Great day trip…or is that night trip?” Bella said, leaning in close and waggling her eyebrows.
Abbie leaned on the table and cradled her head in her hands. Sex shops? Really? They wanted to visit them?  “You’re incorrigible. Getting laid isn’t the be all and end all.” Abbie sat back in her chair, flicked her ponytail with a hand and feigned seriousness. “Besides it’s none of your business.” She wasn’t about to discuss her personal bedroom habits in a restaurant in Garema Place. Her cheeks did burn though.
“I’d love to see those these sleazy places.” Bella was at it again, whiney voice included.
Abbie shook her head and checked the time. These two were out of hand and Abbie had had enough. “Nope. I can’t be seen in those places. I might be recognised. You two are welcome to go out there yourselves. I’m not sure if they are open at this time of night.”
Her friends laughed hysterically. “You are so weird,” Ruby said, calming enough to take a sip of her drink.
“Nighttime is when it all happens. Business booms!” Bella added. 
Then as Abbie gave them a severe look, narrowing her eyelids and thinning her lips.
Ruby was the first to acknowledge that Abbie was being serious. “Nah, it’s okay.” She flapped a careless hand, lifted her glass and probed the last of the gin with her tongue among the ice.  
“We’re only teasing,” Bella said, swirling the remains of her gin and tonic around in her glass and sending Abbie a wink.
“We’re happy to do the pyjama thing in your apartment tonight,” Ruby said. “That’s what we came down for. Only razzing you. Tomorrow night though we’re hitting the town.”
“We saw you on air tonight. It was very cool. We were in the pub down the street there.” Bella pointed down the road.
“She told everyone we knew you.” Ruby laughed as Abbie cringed. She had to bite down on the questions she wanted to ask. Did you tell anyone about my private life? Did you blab about the old school days, who I dated? But she held her tongue. What was done was done and she didn’t want to fight with them. 
Without seeming like too much of a party pooper, she managed to get her friends home and their sleeping arrangements sorted. There Abbie was able to let her hair down, accepting a couple of glasses of bubbly, while they sat on the floor, listening to nineties music and swapping bawdy stories. Abbie fell asleep on the double mattress she’d made up on the floor for her friends. When she woke the next morning, she was sprawled half on the mattress and the carpet. Ruby’s butt was aimed at her face and Bella had her limbs dangling from the couch.
“Ow,” Abbie said when she moved her head. She had one hell of a hangover. She didn’t know whether to dive for the painkillers first or lurch to the bathroom to throw up.
There was no response from her two friends. Suffering mightily and moaning loudly, Abbie crawled to the bathroom, dry retched in the toilet bowl, then fumbled for painkillers and slunk into the shower. It took her a while to register that she was still wearing her underwear. Groaning, she climbed to her feet using the wall for support, resting her forehead on the tiles and peeled her wet undies off and undid her bra. It took a further ten minutes to wash and get out.
Bleary eyed, she gazed into the mirror. The painkillers hadn’t kicked in yet and she wasn’t up for taking her friends sightseeing feeling like this. Zombie-like, she shuffled past her friends still obliviously asleep on the floor and headed to her room where she flopped on the bed and crashed out.
The tantalising aroma of coffee teased her eyelids open sometime later. Ruby sat on the bed, resembling the smart-looking businesswoman she was. With a grin, she passed over the mug. “Bella is nearly ready. Time for the tour. First the museum, a ride around the lake on a Segway and then dinner, followed by a night club.”
Abbie groaned. “That’s a lot to pack in.”
Ruby nodded. “Yep. You gotta live a little. Even in Canberra.”
So it happened that later that night, Abbie sat perched on a stool in a nightclub in Civic, watching children, well they were children to her, gyrate and inebriate while she did her best to have fun. 
The first thing Bella did was check out the hunks in the joint. Her dark rag bob framed her face and her trim figure excelled in the tight black number she wore as she surveyed her surroundings.
“There aren’t any men over the age of twenty-one in this club.” She focussed on Abbie. “I may have missed one. I’ll double check.” Bella arched her eyebrows, and then slinked off to do another reconnoitre. 
Abbie zoned out, not quite sure if she was enjoying the music or ignoring it. Ruby ordered them drinks. Ruby was one of the first people to befriend Abbie when she headed to the big smoke from the country. “You look nice tonight, Ruby,” Abbie said, surprised she felt happy and carefree. She looked at her glass. That could be the booze. She met Ruby’s dark, assessing gaze. Her friend moved so that her thick single plait swayed with the motion of her head. She was a nurse and capable and reliable. Abbie always felt safe when she was around.
“Thank you, gorgeous,” Ruby replied. “I don’t know what you’ve done to your hair tonight, but I have serious, serious hair envy.”
Abbie laughed and grabbed at some of her hair that hung past her shoulders. She’d washed it and let it dry naturally and now the ginger waves fell untethered down her back. The subject of her hair was how they met in the first place and they’d been friends ever since. Ruby organised their drinks and then excused herself, waving her phone. She had to make a call to her mother. They were very close.
Abbie sat there on the stool, taking sips of her gin and tonic and staring into space.
Bella sidled up to her and bumped her out of her reverie. Startled Abbie met Bella’s eyes. Her friend lifted her head, pointing with her chin to a tall, striking looking man with a goatee and a build to die for. “What about him?”
Having finished her phone call, Ruby came up alongside. “Nice work, Bella.”
Abbie cast her gaze in the man’s direction and in slow motion he turned her way, lifting his gaze from the bottom of her feet to the top of her head. Riveted, she couldn’t look away. A sizzle of sexual attraction kicked her heart rate up and when their eyes met, it was as if he’d zapped her.
“Close your mouth, Abbie,” Ruby whispered in her ear. Abbie did, then turned to take a drink and tried not fanning herself.
“Wow, baby,” Ruby commented as she picked up her own drink. “He’s not bad. Not bad. At. All. I thought you said there were no decent men.”
Abbie coughed after swallowing a mouthful of Dutch courage. “The decent ones are married with 2.5 children and live in the suburbs.” She continued to survey the club, the small crowd on the dance floor, a bunch at the bar trying to get served and, in the farther darker shadows, a shape of a man. A sense of wrongness passed over her and then it was gone, along with the shadow shape.
“If you aren’t interested in fetching that one over, let me know, I’ll be there.” Bella said, her dark eyes glinting in the light from the dance floor. 
“Do you think he’s married?” Ruby asked, then took a sip of her champagne cocktail while barely keeping her visual drooling under control. “You better go find out.”
Abbie shook her head. “Not me.”
“Oh, yes, you.” Ruby said, stabbing her finger into Abbie’s chest. “We don’t live here. No good to us…unless he’s a one nighter.” She peered around Abbie and bit her lip as she sized him up. “Actually a one nighter has appeal but such a waste. He looks like he’d be good for several weeks.”
Bella bumped Ruby with her shoulder. “None of that. It’s Abbie who needs to get laid.”
“How do you know?” Abbie was appalled.
Bella grinned. “Well, I didn’t find your stash of dildos and vibrators so I’m figuring you’re way too needy.” 
Abbie threw up her hands. “You went through my bedside table?”
Bella snorted with laughter. “Actually...”
Abbie wasn’t game to hear it. She lifted her hands in a sign of defeat. “Stop, stop.”
Ruby stood there eyeing them both, her mouth an impatient line. “Well, are you going to at least try? I agree with Bella. It’s for your own good.”
Bella did a three-hundred-and-sixty degree turn. “If he doesn’t appeal, we’ll ask that guy there.” 
Abbie leaned around her friend and swallowed. Not that one. Eww! She wasn’t sure that one was a football head or a couch potato. But it didn’t matter. No sizzle. She would only make an effort for the sizzle factor. And the tall, mysterious, sexy stranger definitely lit her fuse.
“Come on, before someone else gets lucky.” The guy’s attention had swung away, but not so the heat he’d generated—that instant attraction. Her heart thumped just looking at him. Licking her lips, she tried to get her imagination under control, because images of them both naked flooded her mind—the touch of skin on hot skin, the thrill of the touch, kisses dragged from the very soul.
A blonde, young woman who looked about sixteen if a day, wearing a very tight mini skirt and mid-drift lace top gyrated in the sizzle hunk’s direction. Without breathing, Abbie watched but the guy didn’t even twitch or move or give any indication that he noticed the girl. The dancing girl span and boogied for a few minutes, flinging her long hair for effect and wiggling her butt. He didn’t even twitch. He could have laid that girl out on the spot, she was that keen. Abbie considered this. The man had taste apparently, but did his taste tend to someone older, more experienced, with a generous head of red hair?
Abbie sighed when the girl bounced away and went to giggle with her friends. “Go on, Abbie. Now is your chance,” Ruby said in her ear.
Abbie gaped at her empty glass. She did want to make a move. How much had she had to drink? Was she seriously considering going up to this guy and chatting him up? Another gin and tonic might give her more courage, but that was cheating. Sliding from the bar stool, she eased a crick out of her neck, then smoothed her skirt and swished her hair over her shoulder. Taking a deep breath, she ordered her thoughts and headed over.
There wasn’t enough distance for her to order her thoughts properly. She was a bit rusty on the chatting up procedure. Usually, she was fending off men. “Hi,” she said, using her professional smile. “You waiting for someone?”
Those eyes drifted to hers. In the dim light of the club, she couldn’t see what colour they were but they stirred her all the same. “No,” he replied, his voice smooth with deep tones. 
Her breath hitched. What was going on with her? She’d come this far so she may as well go for it. “Hello. My name is Abbie. Abbie McGregor.” She put out her hand for him to shake.
He spared it a glance. “No.”
Her head jerked up at his words, the deep voice slicing through the fugue in her senses. “No?”
He turned slightly toward her, towering and broad. “We don’t do the name thing, or the phone number thing.”
“We don’t?” She was slow on the uptake. “What do we do then?” 
A smile lit the corner of his mouth and his eyes narrowed. Gently, he grasped her elbows, drawing her closer. Her hands glanced against his chest, a hard wall of muscle. Mesmerised by the feel of him and the shadowed eyes, she gasped and stared at him.
His gaze narrowed, and his forefinger brushed some hair from her face. “You are a rare one,” he said, his voice soft and so full of purr her knees weakened.
“I am?”
“Yes.” The finger dropped to her bottom lip and it was as if he was imprinting himself on her skin. Heat and electricity spread out from his touch. She sucked in a breath, just as he lowered his mouth to hers. Firm lips, hot tongue had her blood pounding in her ears as they kissed. She forgot to breathe as she rested her hands against his broad chest, meeting his kiss like for like. It went on and on, until she felt like she’d merged with him, not knowing where he ended and she began. Then like a bell had rung, he stilled. Hands pushing gently against her shoulders, he edged her back.
Her gaze glued to his face. What had just happened between them? She wanted answers.
“I’m sorry,” he said, lowering his head like a bow. “That’s all I’ve got time for. Gotta go.”
He eased her away from him, giving himself room, turned and strode out the door of the club. 
Abbie stood there gaping, not even able to speak. Hormones that had been running rampant cooled. People were looking at her. He was gone. Just like that. Her anger hardened like a fist in her gut. How dare he do that? He’d snubbed her and made it obvious to everyone. Especially to her. She didn’t even know his name and she’d just snogged him in a bar. For god’s sake was she sixteen? But it had moved her. God, how it had moved her to her soul. Yet, it had meant nothing to him. She didn’t understand.
Her mouth was still opening and closing when her two friends came up to her demanding to know what happened. Abbie was mad. If she had extendable claws, she’d scratch his eyes out. He’d ruined it. If a man could kiss a woman like that, if he could excite her and then walk away, then nothing made sense. It must be bullshit. Love and attraction were bullshit. She thought they had a connection, something that was indefinable, but it was crap. It was her imagination. It made her want to howl.
Bella grabbed her. “Abbie? What’s going on? Where did he go? Is he coming back?” She shook her hand, like cooling down. “Man, that was some hot kiss.”
“I don’t even know his name.” Her voice caught and she looked to her friend for help. “Ruby?”
Ruby nodded and turned to Bella. “We need to take Abbie home, right now.”
Bella opened her mouth to speak. “Can it,” Ruby said and then took them both by the arms and led them out to the street. Abbie looked for him, but he wasn’t there. Why did he do that? Was he out to get her? Don’t be stupid, she thought. He doesn’t know you. Can’t possibly know you. They passed a café as they headed to the car. Her earlier news broadcast was repeating on the television that hung above the bar. Maybe he did know who she was. Maybe he was a psycho fan after all.
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I should be doing some more work on The Changeling Curse and I will next. I have been doing administration stuff-newsletter, blogging and so on today. I have been watching Netflix (bad Dani).

I have not done much work on the book this week. I confess. However, I know if I just sit down and do it, I’ll get through it. I struck a bit of a revision that required me to think and consider and I think I’ve done enough of that now. I will delete the scene in question and then get back to it.

The big spanner in the works is that my supervisor has sent me his comments on my draft exegesis and well how can I frame this. Last July he sent me comments that were light. Sort of like a spray and wipe type of thing. This time he has used a brillo pad and scoured the exegesis from top to bottom. This means work and more work and thinking.

On the bright side, I thought of a new opening for the PHD novel and that took me months to get inspiration. A good sign I say.

On a personal level we have a lot of work to do on fixing the farm, but my partner Matthew has finished his book! There are copy edits to come but wow it’s going to be a big year for him. A duology and a short story out with Black Library. I will post here when there is news.

Until next time.

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Well this is new

I’m posting on this blog again…so soon. How strange. How new.

The next bit of news is that finally, after nearly 18 months, I opened up The Changeling Curse last night and started revising. I hope this is a new trend.

I can report that I am enjoying the revision and am excited when cutting words, shaping sentences and crafting the story. I now need to look for an editor and I have one in mind. But first things first I need to finish the revision and get a reader to read it and give me feedback so I can get this thing published. With such a long break I am able to come at the story like new. I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I can be critical of what I’ve done which helps to make it better.

On a more general note, I am well. I just ate something a tad to hard that my TMJ does not like, but that’s my bad. On Sunday I had a lovely craftanoon at my place, complete with high tea and scones. I am so lucky to be here in Canberra and in Australia where COVID 19 is not rampant and I can have a semblance of a normal life. I am grateful for many things.

My granddaughter visited yesterday. She’s two and two months and chats away. She gives me so much joy. She’s hard work too but just to see the light in her eyes and her smile when I welcome her here is so uplifting.

Anyway, just to remind you of the book I’m working on. Finally found the final copy and proof I paid for it. Lol. Poor Cathy must think I’m insane.


I’m still here!

I apologise for a long absence. The Phd, the pandemic and generally not doing much writing is the blame. What is the news when there is none?

Well the news is that I’m still here. The Phd is closer to getting done. I have completed the draft of The Changeling Curse. I have not started editing it yet. I will get onto that. Really! I have too many projects in the almost complete stage.

I am well. My sanity is still within acceptable parameters. I have ideas and I just need to knuckle down and write them.

I will also focus on what I am grateful for in these trying times. I’m grateful that I live in Australia and we are living fairly close to normal, with lock downs in some cities or states. I have my health. I’ve been using Noom to lose weight and I like how it teaches me about food. I’ve lost 11 kilos since October and very soon (after about 7 kilos) my knees improved. I try to be active everyday but that isn’t always possible. I go to the pool and walk in the warm pool and try aqua aerobics once a week. The other day I danced to Ricky Martin because I couldn’t get out. Usually I do some heavy garden work, even for 30 mins but I’ve been slacking there. I still have about 8 kilos before I get to my goal but I’m getting there. I am grateful to have a house and enough to pay the mortgage and grateful for my loving partner and my family. I also have friends although we don’t see each other as much as before, we still do catch up. I am very lucky to be in this position.

We are thinking about renovating our house this year so that will cause some disruption on the writing front definitely. Hopefully that will be after I submit my thesis. I am really looking forward to a new kitchen.

As you may know the university sector along with the creative sector have been impacted by the pandemic. Here in Australia universities got no support and I haven’t been able to get much work. None last semester and while I had an offer of some this semester it required some preparation and I was keeping my brain free for the Phd so I didn’t do it. No creative writing tutoring which I love.

So I’ve been trying to look for a job. I found the ideal one but didn’t get it, because I was overqualified. My answers were aimed at my old executive level and not the lower level job level so the feedback went. Oh well, one must keep looking. Work would bring in extra $ and make things more comfortable. In case you are wondering, no writing is not paying much at all, particularly as I’ve not done any promotion work in 2020 and things like BookBub are really expensive and hard to get. I don’t think I’m making enough to pay for edits etc. Lucky I have a cover for The Changeling Curse and can probably get a professional proofread.

Overall though I’m not in a bad place. Hopefully I can channel this into some writing!

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Things are happening!

Loooong time no post!

Life has me around the throat guys!

Firstly, I’m back working on The Changeling Curse as part of NaNoWriMo. I’ve added 13,000 words so far. There is some heavy personal stuff going on at the moment but I do hope to get the draft finished this month. I was looking back on my previous post that said I started the draft in 2014. Wow that’s like five years ago! Crazy.

The next thing you need to know is that Spiritbound, Bespelled and Invoked are due to be re-released. When I was away in Europe, Harlequin asked me if I wanted the rights back to all my books and I said yes.

Spiritbound is due out soon and so is Bespelled. I’m probably going to tinker with Invoked for the re-release. It didn’t sell well so maybe it was a little hard core or something. Who knows??? No readers equals no feedback.

Anyway, there you go–lots happening.

I will be signing next year as part of the ARRA signings in Melbourne and Sydney. The link to the events (Romantic Rendezvous 2020) is  here.

I’m hoping to have paperbacks of all my books for sale. First time they will all be in print. And of course, The Changeling Curse too.


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Dani is writing again

After what feels like a really long time, Dani is back at the keyboard writing paranormal romance. I’ve dusted off the beginning of a draft of The Changeling Curse, the sequel story to The Sorcerer’s Spell. When I started working on it again, I realised that I hadn’t touched it since November 2014. I had started on it during NaNoWriMo that year but work at the day job had been really full on and I had to give up on it. Then real life took over.

I had been meaning to get back to it, but wow that’s a long time to leave something to cool. Luckily, I also discovered a goodly amount of notes about the plot too.

I can’t give you a timeline to when I’ll finish it as I’m writing it for fun at the moment. To refresh your memory, The Changeling Curse features Rolf, the werewolf, who you met in The Sorcerer’s Spell. Something strange is happening. Random people are starting to change into werewolves, but most end up dying. It’s a series of events that threatens to expose the paranormal world and is rooted in the Collegium of Sorcerer’s and the dark sorcerer behind Dane’s curse. Abbie is caught up in the curse and is really pissed about it.

And here is the cover.

Changeling Curse.2psd

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Reblogging this post

I did a big post about discount books and free books on http://donnamareehanson.com

Here is the link.

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The Sorcerer’s Spell


I was just checking out Amazon and found a five star review for The Sorcerer’s Spell. Happy dance!

The person leaving the review is hoping for more in the series. Yes, there is more.

Sexy Rolf gets his own story and they are all on the path on the sorcerer behind a curse.

Next book is called, The Changeling Curse.

Raises eyebrows, once, then twice. It will be hot and will have more werewolves.

Also, there will be a print version. It’s on my to do list. I should request the cover flats. That will get the ball rolling.

Thank you lovely reviewer for leaving a review. I can party the rest of the day away.

By the way there is a special coming up this month. Stay tuned or sign up to the newsletter to hear all about it. Spiritbound will be 99 cents later this month.

26002127 beautiful young couple in love

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The Sorcerer’s Spell on discount

Until the end of June, The Sorcerer’s Spell is $2.99 US (around $3.99 Au and CA) as a discount at all most ebook retailers.

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26002127 beautiful young couple in love

Hot Paranormal Romance!

Asleep in bed, widow Annwyn dreams about making love with her dearly departed husband and wakes up in another woman’s body. The other woman is Nira, an evil sorceress, who is having sex with Dane, a sorcerer she has cursed. Nira has used Annwyn’s body to escape Dane’s binding spell. Annwyn has to fight her own attraction to the powerful sorcerer Dane and find a way to get her body back. But Dane’s curse is not what it seems. As a werewolf he is consumed by the beast, losing his humanity. If the curse is not removed he will be changed into a mindless wolf forever!

In other news, I will be putting together a print version of the book soon and I have a cover for the next book which I will preview soon.

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