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ARRA Finalists announced

I’d been feeling a bit confidence challenged these last few days. I suspect that I realise I have a lot of hard work ahead of me with my current work in progresses ( A Regency romance #$%#!!, a SF romance and a YA fantasy romance &&$#?) and well that’s hard work! Isn’t it?

I have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease which means my thyroid is being killed off. It explains a lot of the last year to me. Hyper and low periods. You know up and down. Manic and then lethargic. I’ve started on Thyroxine and I have energy! I’m not hyper though, which is good and bad. I like hyper highs!

So anyway, last night I get tagged by ARRA on Facebook to find that Spiritbound is a finalist in the ARRA awards in the paranormal category. I was blown away. Thought I was dreaming. I mean I thought no one even noticed Spiritbound. I love this story about Grace and Declan and it’s so uplifting too. If you read my dark fantasy (under Donna Maree Hanson) you will be surprised by the contrast. That’s why I love writing romance, particularly SF and paranormal romance as you can play around with the dark stuff, but the core of the story is light and love and happy ever after. I don’t know who nominated me. I thank you for the votes though. I’d love to keep writing paranormal romance and this has given me a lovely boost in confidence. I heart you! Sniff.

A heartfelt thank you to Kate Cuthbert from Escape Publishing. Thank you for believing in me.

I never thought I’d ever put this up on my blog!

2015 ARRA finalist(1)Spiritbound


Cheers Dani


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Blog tour for The Sorcerer’s Spell

My publisher has arranged for a blog tour to promote The Sorcerer’s Spell and hopefully introduce me to new readers. There is a give away too.

The blog tour runs from 19 October until the 30th. There is some time differences-for instance a blog post in the UK is not up when I get up in the morning and today it’s in the US of A and the blog post goes live in the evening.

It really is quite fascinating for me seeing (virtual meeting) these fabulous book bloggers from all over the world.

First one up on 19th October is Book Chatter in the UK. Here

Christine Young 20th October. She appears to be from Idaho. Link to her blog here.

On 21 October it is Behind Closed Doors, which looks to be an Australian blog. The link won’t be live until the 21st. Here.

I’ll come back and fill you in on the next stops on the blog tour. The blog tour was organised by Goddess Fish Promotions.

When not hanging out on Facebook and Twitter (or at work) I am either writing or making hats or hanging out with my partner. It’s getting warm here with Summer coming on. Canberra is set for a hot and dry one this year. Cheers.

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Blog Tour 19-30 October

My wonderful publishers, HarperCollins, have organised a blog tour for The Sorcerer’s Spell. There will be giveaways! Not only of The Sorcerer’s Spell but other Impulse titles so get your ereader primes.

BBT_TourBanner_TheSorcerersSpell (2)

Each day during the blog tour I’ll put a link and also Tweet the blog tour so you’ll have lots of opportunities to win. I’m not writing blog posts but I’m happy to answer questions.

Meanwhile on the home front I’ve been adapting my workspace to cope with my ongoing spinal/RSI issues. Our deck is complete (yay!) and I now have a standing desk and a sitting desk side by side. This way I can move the keyboard and mouse and reposition myself. I’m going to do that right now.

Here I am typing standing up. It’s really surprising how quickly I have adapted to this. I have a sit stand desk in my day job.

I hope to be a better blogger. Right now I am wrestling with my tax. It’s funny but my daughter said you should get a tax agent. I have a tax agent but I still have to organise all my receipts etc. Hopefully that will be done this week. I’m too wasted this evening. It’s been a great weekend but I’m tired.

Now if you have read The Sorcerer’s Spell, then you might like my other series, featuring Spiritbound and Bespelled. This series features witches in Balmain and is lighter than The Sorcerer’s Spell.

Writing The Changling Curse is on my to do list. Delayed really because RSI. It features more of Rolf, the shapeshifter, who makes a rather sexy appearance in The Sorcerer’s Spell.

Thanks me for now. Waves.

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The new covers!

I thought I should post the image on my new promo post cards. The two books look fab together. BTW the other me (Donna Maree Hanson) is going to be signing books at Supanova so come along and check me out. I’ll be handing out the postcards.

SpiritboundI haven’t seen any reviews of Spiritbound yet so if you’ve read it please let me know what you think. I’m hoping readers like it as much as I do.

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Release day: Spiritbound

I’m being so lazy so I’m doing a reblog from the wonderful Australian Romance Readers Association blog on the release day of Spiritbound. ARRA offer a wonderful service to members by allowing posts about new releases as well as reviews.

Australian Romance Readers Association

Today is the official release of Spiritbound by Dani Kristoff (ebook, Escape Publishing). Here’s the blurb:

SpiritboundThe Sydney coven is suffering from a man drought – some witches complain, and some witches just get creative.

Grace lives with her cousin Elena and her mother Elvira, and life is pretty damn fine, barring the warlock drought that has the coven’s younger witches a bit itchy. Grace isn’t worried – even if a suitable warlock were available, he wouldn’t be interested in Grace. Ever since she raised her dead cat as a child, Grace’s necromancy skills have put everyone around her on edge.

Then her childhood beau, Declan Mallory, returns from overseas. He’s a battlemage and hot property. To Grace’s dismay, she is but one face among many as the coven witches pull out all the stops to attract the tall, dark and handsome warlock’s attention. Fortunately their childhood friendship still holds…

View original post 150 more words

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Updated cover for Bespelled

Harlequin Escape have revamped the cover of Bespelled so that it harmonises with the cover of Spiritbound. I loved the cover of Bespelled. It was so cute and pink. But feedback from readers is that it looks too straight romance rather than paranormal.

Let me know what you think. I think I now have the best of both worlds. For reference I put the old one at the bottom of the page. It’s amazing what a change in colour does.

New cover of Bespelled

New cover of Bespelled

Don’t forget to grab your copies. Spiritbound is technically the first book and Bespelled is the sequel, notwithstanding that I wrote them the other way around. I have some serious work to do on Invovked if book three is ever to see the light of day.

Old cover of Bespelled

Old cover of Bespelled

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Australian Romance Readers Convention 2015

What a fabulous weekend at ARRC2015. It was so well organised. The hotel (QT) was very spiffy and the guests were awesome.

I’ve been dieting so the first glass of bubbly on Friday night at the Harlequin cocktail party went to my head.I managed another at the ARRC welcome cocktail party, well half. The food was quite delicious and the the event was well attended. I didn’t got to the trivia quiz but I heard it was a ball.

Saturday morning, Helene Young did her speech and then I went to some panel sessions.To my embarrassment I had a slight hangover and had to medicate. The event was catered so I was navigating the food around my diet at morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. The food was very good btw but I had to limit my intake. My mate, Nicole Murphy, was on a panel and then it was time for the booksigning event. The only physical books I had were the other me’s Dragon Wine series, which aren’t romance. What a thrill to see people buy Shatterwing. The cover was a real hook for people, particularly dragon lovers.

I sat next to Jennifer Kloester. I sat next her to her last time too. That time I bought her biography of Georgette Heyer. This time I bought her Georgette Heyer’s Regency World, which I have devoured. I also bought two of her novels. She was a lovely companion for signing and an interesting and smart woman. She has really improved my knowledge of Georgette and given me an excellent resource. I’m currently drafting a Regency Romance.

Here is a shot of Jennifer and me.

Jennifer Kloester and Dani Kristoff

Jennifer Kloester and Dani Kristoff

The awards dinner went off very well. The optional dress was 1920s style and some people go to so much trouble. The costumes  (and the bling) were amazing. The food was pretty good. Would you believe Kylie Scott won 4 awards. The lovely Anne Gracie took out the award for best historical and Rachel Johns for contemporary I think. I just had to buy one of her books. She writes rural romance.

I had a glass of bubbly again at the Momentum drinks and then I had to not drink during dinner so I would be sober enough to drive home. Matthew would have rescued me but didn’t need to.

Sunday was another good day. I was on a panel talking about magic, or ro-magic, the term they are giving light romance with magic in them. I caught the end of Victoria Dahl’s guest of honour speech which was entirely appropriate to International Women’s Day.

Monday after the convention, there was a lake cruise. Now I’ve been in Canberra for nearly 20 years and I’ve not done the cruise before. It was a perfect day for it. The weather had been so lovely the whole weekend I was so pleased for the guests that the weather stayed so fine. The cruise was three hours long and so mellow and picturesque. The lunch was pretty reasonable and I had a lovely glass of sauvignon blanc.


The Govenor-General's House, Yarralumla, Canberra

The Govenor-General’s House, Yarralumla, Canberra

The High Court

The High Court



Black Mountain Tower, Canberra

Black Mountain Tower, Canberra

Pamela, Aimie and Anne Gracie

Pamela, Aimie and Anne Gracie

The wake

The wake

Aimee and Pamela on the bus

Aimee and Pamela on the bus

The shoreline

The shoreline

A big thank you to Deb, Cora and the committee for a great convention.

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