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I should be doing some more work on The Changeling Curse and I will next. I have been doing administration stuff-newsletter, blogging and so on today. I have been watching Netflix (bad Dani).

I have not done much work on the book this week. I confess. However, I know if I just sit down and do it, I’ll get through it. I struck a bit of a revision that required me to think and consider and I think I’ve done enough of that now. I will delete the scene in question and then get back to it.

The big spanner in the works is that my supervisor has sent me his comments on my draft exegesis and well how can I frame this. Last July he sent me comments that were light. Sort of like a spray and wipe type of thing. This time he has used a brillo pad and scoured the exegesis from top to bottom. This means work and more work and thinking.

On the bright side, I thought of a new opening for the PHD novel and that took me months to get inspiration. A good sign I say.

On a personal level we have a lot of work to do on fixing the farm, but my partner Matthew has finished his book! There are copy edits to come but wow it’s going to be a big year for him. A duology and a short story out with Black Library. I will post here when there is news.

Until next time.

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Well this is new

I’m posting on this blog again…so soon. How strange. How new.

The next bit of news is that finally, after nearly 18 months, I opened up The Changeling Curse last night and started revising. I hope this is a new trend.

I can report that I am enjoying the revision and am excited when cutting words, shaping sentences and crafting the story. I now need to look for an editor and I have one in mind. But first things first I need to finish the revision and get a reader to read it and give me feedback so I can get this thing published. With such a long break I am able to come at the story like new. I don’t know what’s going to happen next and I can be critical of what I’ve done which helps to make it better.

On a more general note, I am well. I just ate something a tad to hard that my TMJ does not like, but that’s my bad. On Sunday I had a lovely craftanoon at my place, complete with high tea and scones. I am so lucky to be here in Canberra and in Australia where COVID 19 is not rampant and I can have a semblance of a normal life. I am grateful for many things.

My granddaughter visited yesterday. She’s two and two months and chats away. She gives me so much joy. She’s hard work too but just to see the light in her eyes and her smile when I welcome her here is so uplifting.

Anyway, just to remind you of the book I’m working on. Finally found the final copy and proof I paid for it. Lol. Poor Cathy must think I’m insane.


I’m still here!

I apologise for a long absence. The Phd, the pandemic and generally not doing much writing is the blame. What is the news when there is none?

Well the news is that I’m still here. The Phd is closer to getting done. I have completed the draft of The Changeling Curse. I have not started editing it yet. I will get onto that. Really! I have too many projects in the almost complete stage.

I am well. My sanity is still within acceptable parameters. I have ideas and I just need to knuckle down and write them.

I will also focus on what I am grateful for in these trying times. I’m grateful that I live in Australia and we are living fairly close to normal, with lock downs in some cities or states. I have my health. I’ve been using Noom to lose weight and I like how it teaches me about food. I’ve lost 11 kilos since October and very soon (after about 7 kilos) my knees improved. I try to be active everyday but that isn’t always possible. I go to the pool and walk in the warm pool and try aqua aerobics once a week. The other day I danced to Ricky Martin because I couldn’t get out. Usually I do some heavy garden work, even for 30 mins but I’ve been slacking there. I still have about 8 kilos before I get to my goal but I’m getting there. I am grateful to have a house and enough to pay the mortgage and grateful for my loving partner and my family. I also have friends although we don’t see each other as much as before, we still do catch up. I am very lucky to be in this position.

We are thinking about renovating our house this year so that will cause some disruption on the writing front definitely. Hopefully that will be after I submit my thesis. I am really looking forward to a new kitchen.

As you may know the university sector along with the creative sector have been impacted by the pandemic. Here in Australia universities got no support and I haven’t been able to get much work. None last semester and while I had an offer of some this semester it required some preparation and I was keeping my brain free for the Phd so I didn’t do it. No creative writing tutoring which I love.

So I’ve been trying to look for a job. I found the ideal one but didn’t get it, because I was overqualified. My answers were aimed at my old executive level and not the lower level job level so the feedback went. Oh well, one must keep looking. Work would bring in extra $ and make things more comfortable. In case you are wondering, no writing is not paying much at all, particularly as I’ve not done any promotion work in 2020 and things like BookBub are really expensive and hard to get. I don’t think I’m making enough to pay for edits etc. Lucky I have a cover for The Changeling Curse and can probably get a professional proofread.

Overall though I’m not in a bad place. Hopefully I can channel this into some writing!

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Things are happening!

Loooong time no post!

Life has me around the throat guys!

Firstly, I’m back working on The Changeling Curse as part of NaNoWriMo. I’ve added 13,000 words so far. There is some heavy personal stuff going on at the moment but I do hope to get the draft finished this month. I was looking back on my previous post that said I started the draft in 2014. Wow that’s like five years ago! Crazy.

The next thing you need to know is that Spiritbound, Bespelled and Invoked are due to be re-released. When I was away in Europe, Harlequin asked me if I wanted the rights back to all my books and I said yes.

Spiritbound is due out soon and so is Bespelled. I’m probably going to tinker with Invoked for the re-release. It didn’t sell well so maybe it was a little hard core or something. Who knows??? No readers equals no feedback.

Anyway, there you go–lots happening.

I will be signing next year as part of the ARRA signings in Melbourne and Sydney. The link to the events (Romantic Rendezvous 2020) is  here.

I’m hoping to have paperbacks of all my books for sale. First time they will all be in print. And of course, The Changeling Curse too.


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Dani is writing again

After what feels like a really long time, Dani is back at the keyboard writing paranormal romance. I’ve dusted off the beginning of a draft of The Changeling Curse, the sequel story to The Sorcerer’s Spell. When I started working on it again, I realised that I hadn’t touched it since November 2014. I had started on it during NaNoWriMo that year but work at the day job had been really full on and I had to give up on it. Then real life took over.

I had been meaning to get back to it, but wow that’s a long time to leave something to cool. Luckily, I also discovered a goodly amount of notes about the plot too.

I can’t give you a timeline to when I’ll finish it as I’m writing it for fun at the moment. To refresh your memory, The Changeling Curse features Rolf, the werewolf, who you met in The Sorcerer’s Spell. Something strange is happening. Random people are starting to change into werewolves, but most end up dying. It’s a series of events that threatens to expose the paranormal world and is rooted in the Collegium of Sorcerer’s and the dark sorcerer behind Dane’s curse. Abbie is caught up in the curse and is really pissed about it.

And here is the cover.

Changeling Curse.2psd

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Reblogging this post

I did a big post about discount books and free books on http://donnamareehanson.com

Here is the link.

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The Sorcerer’s Spell


I was just checking out Amazon and found a five star review for The Sorcerer’s Spell. Happy dance!

The person leaving the review is hoping for more in the series. Yes, there is more.

Sexy Rolf gets his own story and they are all on the path on the sorcerer behind a curse.

Next book is called, The Changeling Curse.

Raises eyebrows, once, then twice. It will be hot and will have more werewolves.

Also, there will be a print version. It’s on my to do list. I should request the cover flats. That will get the ball rolling.

Thank you lovely reviewer for leaving a review. I can party the rest of the day away.

By the way there is a special coming up this month. Stay tuned or sign up to the newsletter to hear all about it. Spiritbound will be 99 cents later this month.

26002127 beautiful young couple in love

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The Sorcerer’s Spell on discount

Until the end of June, The Sorcerer’s Spell is $2.99 US (around $3.99 Au and CA) as a discount at all most ebook retailers.

Amazon US. 

Amazon Canada

Amazon Australia

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble

Kobo US

Kobo Australia

Kobo Canada

Kobo UK

Ibooks US

Google Play


26002127 beautiful young couple in love

Hot Paranormal Romance!

Asleep in bed, widow Annwyn dreams about making love with her dearly departed husband and wakes up in another woman’s body. The other woman is Nira, an evil sorceress, who is having sex with Dane, a sorcerer she has cursed. Nira has used Annwyn’s body to escape Dane’s binding spell. Annwyn has to fight her own attraction to the powerful sorcerer Dane and find a way to get her body back. But Dane’s curse is not what it seems. As a werewolf he is consumed by the beast, losing his humanity. If the curse is not removed he will be changed into a mindless wolf forever!

In other news, I will be putting together a print version of the book soon and I have a cover for the next book which I will preview soon.

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The Cursed Ones

I have a name for the series, The Cursed Ones. Book one is The Sorcerer’s Spell and Book Two is The Changeling Curse.

Cathy, the lovely designer of The Sorcerer’s Spell ‘s cover has designed a cover for The Changeling Curse and it’s fab. I’m so excited. Now I just have to write the book. It’s started but I haven’t progressed very far. The Changeling Curse is definitely more werewolf and more intrigue with the sorcerers’ guild. Rolf will be the lead character in this book.

I’ll be putting up the cover for The Changeling Curse soon and also letting you know when the print version of The Sorcerer’s Spell is ready.

A free version is up on Instafreebie btw, although it does require a newsletter sign up to my Spellcaster Newsletter.

And I should mention that if you like The Sorcerer’s Spell you might like other Dani Kristoff books, Spiritbound, Bespelled and Invoked. Out of the ‘Spellbound in Sydney’ series, I think Invoked is dark like The Sorcerer’s Spell and has some pretty out there (for me) sex scenes. It features witches in Sydney and they live in one of my favourite suburbs, Balmain. Spiritbound is very uplifting I think. I love Grace, the heroine and her positive connections with her mother and cousin. Bespelled carries on after Spiritbound with Elena, Grace’s cousin and a malfunctioning love spell and a pretty hot hero in Jake.

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The Sorcerer’s Spell- Relaunch

Earlier this year I got the rights back to The Sorcerer’s Spell. Here’s hoping I can do better getting readers to this book.

This is a sexy paranormal book. It’s hot so if that’s not your cup of tea then this book is not for you.

I’ve  coveted a torso on my cover. This isn’t quite the torso I was looking for but the cover has all the elements I was looking for.

Here is the blurb. Here is the cover. Feel free to give me feedback on either. So far the book is only free on Instafreebie (click here). There is an opt in for my Spellcaster newsletter but it’s not required. If you like The Sorcerer’s Spell then save your reviews because it will be on all eretailers soon.

The Sorcerer’s Spell

Hot, sexy paranormal romance!

Asleep in bed, widow Annwyn dreams about making love with her dearly departed husband and wakes up in another woman’s body. The other woman is Nira, an evil sorceress, who is having sex with Dane, a sorcerer she has cursed. Nira has used Annwyn’s body to escape Dane’s binding spell. Annwyn has to fight her own attraction to the powerful sorcerer Dane and find a way to get her body back. But Dane’s curse is not what it seems. As a werewolf he is consumed by the beast, losing his humanness. If the curse is not removed he will be changed into a mindless wolf forever!

26002127 beautiful young couple in love

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